Port Madison Water Company

The Historic Port Madison Community

Volunteer opportunities:
The Port Madison Water Company has a long history of active community involvement in the support of a vibrant community environment. Participation in volunteer efforts to support the community safety, reliability and condition of Company assets and amenities and social interaction has consistently been strong.

Contact PMWC to volunteer !
Email Contact: pmcboard@gmail.com
or contact a PMC board member.

Types of Volunteer Positions:
Board of directors membership. Three year term, 6 positions.
Beach clean-up party. Annual event early summer.
Ivy removal in the watershed trees. 2-3 work parties per year.
Beach use committee. Occasional meetings.
Beach uplands - Knottweed restoration project. Occasional meetings and work parties anticipated.
Annual shareholder meeting support team. December each year.
Annual Beach party support team. Early Summer - scheduled after beach clean-up party.
Amenities maintenance: Annual opportunities for mowing, beach trash removal, dock maintenance and other community open space maintenance tasks.
Trail Committee. Several trail maintenance work party participation opportunities annually.